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Rare Pin Esper Fund

This fundraiser is to raise money for Esper's vet bills.  He has a brain tumor and was going to have surgery but after a recent MRI it's determined to not be able to be removed and we are pursuing radiation therapy.  It is a very big expense but he's still so young and full of energy and I want what's best for him.  Info here
  • Every photo is of the exact pin I'm selling - most photos taken at a slight angle because it sometimes shows imperfections better, which is good for buying B grades
  • Standard grades were stored safely for my personal collection and I decided I didn't need to horde so many.
  • I may gradually decrease the prices as days go by if they don't sell, but I can't guarantee anything will stick.  The higher cost items are truly the last of the last out of even my personal collection and highly sought after.
  • All Pins come with a Pill Bottle Cat V2 vinyl sticker

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