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Patreon FAQ


I just joined! Can I access the secret shop?
You get access during the months you pay for. If you just joined, you will pay on the 1st of next month. Next month you will receive a password to access the secret shop!

Which design will I get?
You get the pin of the month you pay for. Payment happens on the 1st of each paid month, so if you just joined, you will wait until next paid month to be charged. For example if you join in October, you will be charged Nov 1st and get the November pin.

Can you combine my order with my Patreon package?
I can't combine shipping with your Patreon packages anymore. It has become too difficult to manage so many special orders and it leads to many mistakes on my part. Sorry!

Will you ever restock Patreon reward pins?
No I do not restock them because they are limited edition. I typically order more pins than needed for the club to account for bad pins, but once they're out they're out. Due to popular demand I will release a recolored version that is also limited edition, so keep an eye out ♥

Will you ever restock Patreon exclusive pins?
There are some pins like the companions that are Patreon Pin Club exclusive but not limited edition. I will restock the exclusive ones if they run out and if there is a demand. 


Does my order come with tracking?
Yes! All orders come with tracking, except USA sticker-only envelopes. You can upgrade a sticker-only package to have tracking here.

My package hasn't moved in days/weeks
International packages can take up to 40 days to be delivered, so please be patient. Tracking outside of the USA can be spotty and appear stuck, then suddenly show up. Let me know if your package hasn't arrived after 40 days.

The tracking says "delivered" but it's not in my mailbox
Sometimes the tracking will update before the package arrives. I'm not sure why, but give it at least a day before worrying. Always check with family and neighbors first to see if they brought your package in or if it was delivered to the wrong address!

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