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Pin Grading

Important:  All pins are made by hand so some variation and irregularity is expected. No two pins look alike and no pin is perfect!  Please be respectful to me and the people who work hard on these pins by allowing some imperfection unless you think there was a mistake!

Standard Grade

Near perfect condition pins that are great for displaying and wearing. There may be small blemishes that can only be seen in certain light or at an angle. 

  • A misplaced piece of glitter
  • A small knick in the enamel in a non focal area
  • Small piece of trapped dust in a non focal area
  • Faint scratchs or roughness in the metal
  • Minor low fill in a non focal area
  • Unnoticeable air bubbles
  • Plating imperfections on the sides or backs

B - Grade

Good quality pins. These are great for anyone who's not picky or who likes to wear their pins! 
  • Some knicks or scratches in the enamel (can be in a focal area)
  • Noticeable scratches in screen printing
  • Obvious air bubbles in normal lighting
  • Slightly offset screenprinting
  • Metal color stains
  • Areas of too dense or too sparse glitter
  • Overfilled enamel
  • Unnoticeable missing screenprinted areas out of the focal area

C - Grade

Imperfect pins but perfect for the right collector. Please rescue these <3
  • An area is colored wrong
  • Missing enamel
  • Very dirty or rough metal
  • Enamel overfilled so much that lines are missing
  • Terribly miscolored/stained metal
  • Very visible bubbling in the metal
  • Terribly offset screenprinting
  • Entirely missing screenprinting

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