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Shop Policies

Processing and shipping times

We typically ship out within 5-7 business days unless there is a very big event or sale such as Black Friday.  In those situations we try to get everything out within 2 weeks.



I do not accept exchanges on any item after it has been delivered. If you would like to edit your order, please let me know before it ships! Do your best to pick the items you want so we don't have to go through the trouble ♥



I do not request a return on any item even if there is a mistake on my part. If you feel inclined to send something back at your expense, I super appreciate it. 


Combining orders

If we haven't shipped a previous order, I can combine a new order together with it.  We will typically do this automatically if we see two orders with the same name and address.

Refunded shipping only happens at the time we print labels, so it won't happen right away.

We only refund shipping costs that aren't used since combining makes the package weigh more and sometimes cost more.


Tracking hasn't moved in a while

I consider a package lost if it has been more than 2 weeks for USA destinations or 40 days for International destinations since the order has been shipped and still hasn't arrived. At that point I"m happy to send another package to the same address one time.

Recent examples of long ship times:
9/22/22 - 47 days since shipped, 34 days being stuck in Australia being "out for delivery"

Tracking says "delivered" but the package hasn't arrived

I will ask you to check with members of your household or close neighbors first to see if they took the package in.  I will only resend these packages to an alternate address that may be more reliable.

Sometimes the post office marks packages as delivered the day before actually being delivered.  Please wait at least a day before panicking!

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